air handling unit

We use professional engineer methods to create air conditioner

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OAH AirHandling Units are designed to a high engineering standard to provide the requirements of ventilation, heating, cooling, de-humidification and air distribution to a conditioned space.

OAH Units are available in several sizes to deliver wide range air flow rate against total static pressure.OAH units are applicable for indoor and outdoor installation and they are ideal for large halls, schools, offices, banks, workshops, laboratories, restourants, cinemas, hospitals, departmental stores, mosques and super markets, etc.

OAH Series can be provided with a whole range of standard components,in many different configurations. units can be supplied with a whole range of panel configuration to suit every application.panels can be either single or double skinned.both options with 1*(25mm) or 2*(50mm) thik insulation Different sectional arrangements and fan discharge positions are possible depending on the site constrainsts and requirements.